Microfibre Pillow

A down alternative pillow with balanced support and cushioning for your head, neck, and shoulders.

Note: The 2 free pillow protectors from the current promotion are designed to fit ‘Standard’-size pillows only.

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  • Anti-clumping microfibre fill
  • Down-like feel
  • Softer outer comfort layer for gentle cushioning
  • Firmer inner pillow for balanced support
  • 100% cotton machine-washable cover
  • Ultra-breathable design for temperature control


Standard: 28" x 18" x 6.5"
King: 34" x 18" x 6.5"


Top Cover: White Cotton
Cover Fill: Down Alternative Microfibre
Core Material: Down Alternative Microfibre

Fluffy. Huggable. Comfortable.

A five-star hotel sleep experience for a price you’ll love

Cloud-Like Feel

Our high-loft microfibre fill perfectly mimics the plushness of down, without the bulk. The advanced anti-clumping technology helps keep your pillow fluffy and hold its shape throughout the night.

Girl laying on microfibre pillow
Closeup of removable pillow cover

Multiple Layers of Support

The unique three-chamber construction features a soft outer layer that surrounds a firm inner pillow. This design provides just-right firmness and the ideal balance of cushioning and support for a great night’s sleep.

Top-to-Bottom Cooling

Premium microfibre fill creates thousands of air channels throughout the entire pillow, allowing heat to escape and cool air to cycle in. The machine-washable 100% cotton cover also helps with active temperature control while you sleep.

Girl sleeping sideways with head on pillow
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