Pillow Protector

Guard your pillows against spills, stains, and other unwanted surprises.

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  • WaterShield™ waterproof barrier
  • Temperature-regulating fabric
  • Soft-feel design – no crunching or plasticky feel
  • Zipper closure with fabric comfort flap
  • Machine washable and dryer safe


Standard: 29" x 20"
King: 35” x 20”

This pillow protector fits our standard- and king-size pillows. Standard-size pillow protectors fit all sizes of Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow.


Top panel: 88% polyester, 12% polyamide
Lining: WaterShield™ waterproof barrier

WaterShield™ Technology in Action

Our trademark waterproof barrier helps keep your pillow clean and dry, every night.

Your Pillow Protector Helps Defend Against:



Sweat & Bodily Fluids

Pillow Damage

Other Accidents


Breathable Barrier

Microscopic pores in the WaterShield™ barrier let cool air through, but keep liquids and other unwanted stuff from reaching your pillow.

Close-up of liquid droplets on the surface of pillow protector
Woman smiling and hugging her pillow fitted with a pillow protector

Designed for Comfort

Our pillow protector is light and soft against your head, unlike certain products that crunch and crinkle like plastic.

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