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Canada's Best Affordable Mattress Is Juno

Get outstanding quality & value – made right here in Canada!

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Top Pick–Canada's Best Value Mattress 2022
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Proudly Made in Canada

Proudly Made

in Canada

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Free Shipping

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Award-Winning Comfort at an Affordable Price

The results are in – Juno has taken Canada by storm!

Just a Few of Our Most Recent Industry Awards

Canadian Living
Top Pick
Canada's Best Value Mattress

HGTV Canada
Official Selection
Best Canadian Mattress Brands

Sleep Doctor
Top Pick
Best Value Mattress in Canada

A Brand Trusted by Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast

4.7 Overall Product Rating
5,000+ Reviews

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4.6 Overall Company Rating
2,000+ Reviews

4.8 (A+) Overall Company Rating
BBB Accredited

Cooling, Comfy, & Cost-Effective

Get ready for the best sleep of your life – and at an unbeatable price, too!

The Juno medium-firm foam mattress delivers a winning combination of cooling, comfort, and support all in one compact package. With two layers of high-quality foam and a soft knit cover, the Juno offers a total of eight inches of blissful sleep surface that caters to all sleeping styles.

Proudly made in Canada, the Juno mattress is crafted to provide the ultimate sleep experience at a price that won't keep you up at night.

1. Cover: Juno Knit Cover

  • Soft, durable, and finely knit
  • Made from polyester and viscose

2. Top Layer: 2" Full-Body Cooling Gel Foam

  • Gel-infused open-cell foam keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Cushioning gently contours to your body, helping eliminate pressure points

3. Base Layer: 6" Total Support Foam

  • Provides added support for hips and back
  • Responsive layer also helps prevent motion transfer

"I typically shy away from foam mattresses due to overheating during the night. I don't have this issue with the Juno mattress and can likely credit this to the cooling layer. I also love that neither of us notices the other moving around at night. The mattress is the perfect amount of firmness, even on the edges."

Christopher P. Verified Juno Buyer

Dartmouth, NS

A Feels-Just-Right Firmness

Enjoy a restful night's sleep every night with Juno! No matter your preferred sleeping position, our instantly adaptive foam provides an ideal blend of cushioning and support. Conforming to your shape and size, the mattress gently cradles your shoulders while supporting your back and hips. Spinal alignment—check. Pressure point relief—check.

And don’t worry about “sinking” into your Juno memory foam mattress. Made from high-quality materials, the Juno provides a medium-firmness that has less “give” than softer beds.

The result? A perfect balance of comfort AND support.

"We absolutely love our new mattress! It’s comfortable. It’s the perfect firmness. A definite medium. It’s almost as if you’re floating on top of the mattress. It’s really that comfy. I have a very bad back. And yet this hasn’t made me feel pain, once!!!!!! In fact, I feel rested in the morning. Something I’m not used to."

Aimee W. Verified Juno Buyer

Orangeville, ON

What's Behind Juno's Affordable, Consistently Low Prices?

As an online-only retailer, Juno doesn’t have to pay for stores or showrooms. Our well-crafted mattresses come straight from the factory floor directly to your door—without any retail markups. So not only do you get unparalleled convenience with Juno; our savings go to you!

With our great low prices, you no longer need to wait and watch for mattress sales to pounce on, scour the Internet for coupon codes, or worry about haggling with salespeople. Ever. There's truly no easier way to save like a pro!

"You won’t pay $1,500 or $2,000 for a new mattress anymore. This is the best value cost online product available and it’s made in Canada!!"

Simon R. Verified Juno Buyer

St. Jerome, QC

Try Juno at Home, Risk-Free for 120 Nights!

Trying out a bed in a mall won’t give you a real feel for how your mattress will affect your sleep. Not with pesky salespeople nipping at your heels! Not to mention, it can take a few weeks to fully adjust to a new sleep surface. So how can you truly tell if it’s your dream mattress?

Mattresses are meant to be tried out at home. That’s why Juno offers a 120-night in-home trial period and hassle-free return policy.

From the comfort of your bedroom, you can experience the full effect of sleeping on your Juno mattress for 30 nights. After that initial break-in period, you still have a full 90 days to decide if this mattress is right for you. Want to return it? Just contact us. We’ll arrange pick-up at no charge and fully refund your purchase.

With our simple, convenient sleep trial and return policies, making an informed decision never felt so risk-free!

"I’ve had the best sleeps of my life on this Juno and would recommend this company to everyone. What’s to lose by ordering a mattress with a 120-day satisfaction trial? Do yourself a favour and just buy it. You will love your decision."

Devin M. Verified Juno Buyer

Drayton Valley, AB

See Why These Canadians Love Their Juno Mattresses

Best Mattress I've Ever Had

This is an extremely comfortable mattress at a very affordable price. It's a good balance of being not too firm and not too soft. I also absolutely love that this mattress is made right here in Canada. I can honestly say that the Juno mattress feels just as good as some of the mattresses with $1000.00+ price tags. I absolutely recommend this mattress to anyone looking for an affordable mattress that doesn't sacrifice quality or comfort.

Brandon C. Verified Juno Buyer
Pickering, ON
Great Value

I've been having some of the most restful nights since sleeping on the Juno mattress. Being on a budget, I really appreciate the value I'm getting!

Angelia M. Verified Juno Buyer
Ville Saint-Laurent, QC
Love This Mattress!

I was a little worried about getting a low-cost mattress in a box and hesitated getting it for a while, but I should not have! This is a fantastic mattress! Wonderful quality, so comfortable, incredibly easy to set up, almost no motion transfer and excellent value. Quick delivery—ordered on a Thursday night and was sleeping on it on that Saturday. I cannot recommend Juno enough.

Sarah O. Verified Juno Buyer
Ottawa, ON
Finally! Relief From MS Back Pain!

At last! Relief from my MS back pain. My Juno mattress gives me the first comfortable, pain-free rest I've had in years. No pressure points or need to frequently adjust my sleeping position. Your mattress delivers exactly what you promised—excellent value and a great night's sleep. Thanks, Juno!

Andrea K. Verified Juno Buyer
Grand Manan, NB
Two Junos So Far...

Excellent value, compact and easy to set up. Has almost entirely resolved my issue of pains while sleeping (and waking up early due to said pains). This is the second Juno we've purchased. Highly recommend this quality Canadian brand!

Adam V. Verified Juno Buyer
Waterdown, ON
Amazing Value

Shipping was fast. Mattress was easy to unbox and set up. Sleep quality has improved significantly cause of how comfortable the mattress is. The fabric and foam quality are top notch. The affordable pricing definitely doesn't cut into the quality of this product. Overall amazing value.

Danielle C. Verified Juno Buyer
Surrey, BC
Love My Juno!

Love my Juno mattress! Delivery and set up was so easy! The comfort level is amazing - I find it is the perfect firmness for me. And the value is unbelievable compared to what I’ve paid for mattresses previously. I wish I would have switched a lot sooner!

Kimberley U. Verified Juno Buyer
Thunder Bay, ON
So Far I'm Loving The Mattress

So far I'm loving the mattress, the firmness perfectly suits me for my needs as I am more on the lightweight side, and predominantly a side sleeper. This is my first memory foam mattress, and in my opinion I find the quality to be pretty superb for the price. On a side note, the customer service is extremely helpful and competent. Definitely feel like I'm getting my value. Pretty satisfied, I'd recommend them, can’t say much more :)

Khaled A. Verified Juno Buyer
Toronto, ON
Incredible Mattress

This mattress is extremely comfortable. I have had back surgery and I suffer from hip issues as well. I used to toss and turn on my Temper-Pedic mattress that cost over $3,000. This mattress is worth its weight in gold. I also love that ALL material is made in Canada! Some other similar mattresses out there are far more costly with internal parts made in China. Please do your research. I will eventually replace all my mattresses in the house with a Juno. Finally, I will get good sleep again at age 83.

Wilma W. Verified Juno Buyer
Scarborough, ON
You Can Stop Looking

We love everything about our Juno. We have had it for just over 3 months and have no complaints. It is soft while being supportive, and is firm but not hard. When I read those reviews before trying it, I couldn't understand what they meant, but now I do. This is hands-down the best mattress I have ever slept on and I would recommend to anybody. My partner and I are fairly large folks and the movement transfer is virtually nil (and that's even with our 100 lb dog from time to time). Whether sleeping alone or with the whole family, this is the mattress you are looking for. You can stop looking.

Amanda A. Verified Juno Buyer
Kitchener, ON
1 / 5

Supporting Our Planet, Communities & Country

Who ever said that changing the world requires breaking the bank? The affordable Juno mattress is manufactured in Canada with social responsibility in mind. When you purchase a Juno mattress, Mother Earth, your sleepy self AND your wallet will thank you!

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing & Processes:

At Juno, we proudly stand behind the safety and quality of our mattresses. We use Canadian foams and fabrics that are certified for safety and quality by CertiPUR-US®. Plus, we're doing our part for the planet with eco-friendly manufacturing practices. All our mattresses are fully recyclable and produced using renewable energy.

Supporting Canadian Communities:

When it comes to returns, we don't restock or resell your mattress—instead, we pay it forward! Whenever possible, we donate returned mattresses to a local charitable organization in your community. Otherwise, we have trusted recycling partners Canada-wide who will pick up and recycle your mattress.

Made in Canada:

Not all companies are transparent about the origins of their mattresses. But Juno takes all that guesswork away—because our mattresses are made exclusively in Canada. We proudly use only top-notch materials sourced from Canadian manufacturers. And with our completely domestic delivery service, the environmental impact remains minimal too!

"I had researched and compared many bed-in-a-box mattress options and narrowed down on the Juno—being Canadian made with sustainability factors in production and it is very economical. And the convenience of having it shipped to my front door was perfect. I'm super happy with my purchase and highly recommend Juno."

Ginny N. Verified Juno Buyer

Richmond, BC
120-Night Trial


Sleep Trial

Proudly Made in Canada

Proudly Made

in Canada

Free Shipping & Returns*

Free Shipping

and Returns*

15-Year Warranty



*Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

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