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The Juno Sleep Trial

Mattresses and sleep accessories are meant to be tested at home, not at the mall. That’s why we give you 120 nights at home to decide if Juno is right for you, with free returns if you change your mind.

How Our Sleep Trial Works

Step 1
Start Your Sleep Trial

Your sleep trial starts the same night your new Juno mattress or select sleep accessory arrives at your home. Take it out of the box, and sleep on it that same night.

Woman smiling after removing her new Juno mattress from the box
Step 2
Sleep on It

Decide for yourself whether Juno delivers the comfort and support your body needs. When switching from another mattress, it often takes a few weeks to fully adjust to a new sleep surface. This is perfectly normal. That’s why returns are eligible only after an initial 21-day break-in period.

Woman sleeping peacefully on her new Juno mattress
Step 3

Once the initial break-in period is over, you’ll have up until Night 120 to decide whether to keep or return your Juno mattress or select sleep accessory. If you choose to return it, we’ll arrange for the mattress to be picked up, and you’ll get a full refund.

Woman sitting on her Juno foam mattress

Frequently Asked Questions

Start Your 120-Night Trial to See for Yourself

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