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Juno vs Douglas

Which is the best mattress for you? Shop Juno
Updated: May 7, 2024

Canada’s Award-Winning Value Mattress

The experts agree: Juno delivers the most value to Canadian sleepers.

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Canada's Best Value Mattress

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Juno = Better Value. Douglas = More Features.

If you want the lowest price with comparable comfort and quality, choose Juno!

Save $300!
Price (Queen)



Mattress Protector



Shipping & Returns



15% Off All Other Accessories

RV Sizes Available

Made in



Height / Layers

8" / 2 Layers of Foam

10" / 3 Layers of Foam

Cooling Gel Foam

Cooling Upgrade Available

Cover Care Instructions

Spot-Clean Only

Machine Washable




Sleep Trial

120 Nights

365 Nights


15 Years

20 Years

Overall Product Rating

4.7 / 5
6,000+ Reviews

4.7 / 5
17,500+ Reviews

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Prices apply to queen-size mattresses and matching accessories. May not reflect current promotions or discounts. Information accurate as of March 8, 2024. Prices reflect discounts applied with purchase of a mattress. *Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

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Sleepers Love Juno’s Incredible Value

Juno has over 6,000 reviews from Canadians who love their mattress.

Great Product at an Unbeatable Price

We bought the Juno mattress for our daughter and we all love it. The setup was so easy and can be done by one person. Delivery was also quick. The quality is as good as our more expensive Douglas mattress, and the mattress protector is exceptional quality. We would definitely recommend a Juno mattress to anyone looking for a comfortable, supportive, and quality mattress at a good price.

Wesley L. Verified Juno Buyer
Nanaimo, BC
Best Deal Out There

We compared so many box mattresses from the ones in-store and to the ones online. We talked to people who purchased the Douglas and Endy versions and we are so happy we went with Juno. [They] are great mattresses and are absolutely comparable to the Juno, but the shipping time and the price is the only major difference.

The mattress itself is very soft and regulates our temperatures at night (fiance is a hot sleeper and I'm cold all night) and we both found it to be the best sleep we've had in a long time. Oh and the cats love it!

Alyssa C. Verified Juno Buyer
Cambridge, ON
The Best Bang for Your Buck

Excellent mattress for a very reasonable price. I’ve had an Endy and a Douglas. This mattress was half the price and very comfortable.

Sean L. Verified Juno Buyer
Hardwood Lands, NS
Been Sleeping So Well

I considered buying a Douglas initially but decided to try the much cheaper Juno, as I could return it within 120 days if it didn’t work out. I love it. Been sleeping so well since I received it about a week ago. Very happy with it so far.

Brent C. Verified Juno Buyer
Toronto, ON
Customer Service Was Outstanding

The mattresses are quite comfortable. And I’m comparing them to the other memory foam mattresses we have – a Novosbed king and a Douglas twin for my daughter. So it’s not really a fair comparison since this is their budget mattress. It definitely doesn’t feel like a “budget” mattress, though, and for the price I honestly don’t think it can be beat!

Nigel S. Verified Juno Buyer
Cochrane, AB
I Absolutely Love Our Juno!

Prior to this we had a queen Douglas. It was great and we both had many wonderful sleeps on it. My partner and I wanted to upgrade to a king, and we went the Juno route because it was well rated for side sleepers, which we are.

The Juno is just the right amount of soft, while still being firm and supportive. You really can’t beat it at this price point!

Jocelyn M. Verified Juno Buyer
Sudbury, ON
Most Comfortable Mattress I’ve Ever Bought

I bought myself the Douglas and my daughter the Juno. Both of us are very happy with them. I used to wake up when I rolled over and now I sleep through the night.

Carly G. Verified Juno Buyer
Stratford, ON
Great Mattress

I started doing some research and almost purchased a Douglas. Once I realized that a Juno was made by the same manufacturer, with [a] great sleep trial and 15-year warranty at a fraction of the cost, I just had to try it. I love it. It is medium to firm, and I don't wake up sore. Great price for the product.

Rosie N. Verified Juno Buyer
Atikokan, ON
Great Deal

Before purchasing Juno I did a lot of research on different kinds of beds in a box. I had to decide between Juno, Endy, Douglas, and Purple. The price Juno had to offer was unbeatable. [...]

Fast forward 6 months down the road. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The bed is comfortable, easy to unpack, odourless and the perfect firmness. I used to get terrible back pains, the same goes for my wife. After sleeping on it for a few weeks our back pains have disappeared.

Joseph L. Verified Juno Buyer
Waterville, QC
Great for Kids!

My husband and I own a Douglas mattress and love it. So when both of our kids needed a new mattress, we decided to try out Juno because it's much more affordable. So happy we gave them a try. The mattresses seem very well made and of great quality. Give good support and are quite firm. My kids love them so far!

Happy to buy a Canadian mattress. Thank you Juno! :)

Alana M. Verified Juno Buyer
Hinton, AB
1 / 5

7 Reasons You Should Try the Juno Mattress

Juno Is an Unbeatable Value

Juno is several hundred dollars less than many comparable foam mattresses from other online stores and in-store retailers. Every Juno mattress also includes:

a FREE sleep bundle with 4 essential bedding items
15% OFF all accessories (bed frames, sheets, pillows, and more)

How does Juno have such a low price? It's simple: less advertising, straightforward design, lower shipping costs, simple setup, and no-frills packaging. With Juno you get everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Woman sitting and touching a Juno mattress

"We did a lot of research on different mattresses and Juno came up on top. […] We also got the protector – the quality is outstanding. Overall we would give the Juno mattress a 10 out 10."

Lisa J. Verified Juno Buyer

Springdale, NL
Juno Is Proudly Made in Canada

Juno is an independent, Canadian-owned company. Our mattresses are made in factories located across Canada. And we only use high-quality, Canadian-made fabric and foam.

On the other hand, many comparable online mattresses don't disclose their country of origin, often because they're made in China and shipped overseas.

Did you know? Juno was designed with the firmness that Canadians love most (source). Many other budget mattress brands, however, are made primarily for the U.S. market.

Woman lying on a Juno mattress, with the shipping box beside her

"This is the second Juno mattress I’ve purchased. Comfortable, affordable, and made in Canada. Love this product."

Tracey L. Verified Juno Buyer

Whitby, ON
Juno Is Great for All Sleep Styles

The Juno mattress is easy for all kinds of sleepers to love.

With its two premium foam layers, Juno has a balanced firmness that provides comfort and support for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Juno also limits the motion transfer you feel from partners or pets moving on the mattress. Enjoy a full night's sleep with no interruptions!

Woman sleeping on her side on a Juno mattress with the two foam layers showing

"The perfect amount of firmness but also softness!"

Sharmayne O. Verified Juno Buyer

Prince George, BC
Juno Sleeps Cool

No one likes sleeping hot. That’s why Juno has two cooling features to give you the most refreshing sleep:

a layer of Cooling Gel Foam to dissipate body heat
an optional Cool+ Cover that feels cool to the touch

Juno's unique cooling design is unmatched compared to many other value-priced mattresses, which can absorb and retain heat.

"Super comfy and the cooling is awesome for summer."

Emma B. Verified Juno Buyer

Edmonton, AB
Juno Mattress Owners Sleep Great

With Juno we skipped all the pricey extras (fancy box, glossy brochures, TV advertising), and invested it all in a quality mattress.

We know what you actually care about is cooling, comfort, and support. And that's EXACTLY what customers love about their Juno:

9 out of 10 owners say that Juno is more comfortable than their previous mattress.*

Would you say the same thing about your old mattress?

Woman sleeping peacefully on a Juno mattress

*Based on a survey of Juno mattress owners conducted in December 2022.

"Just love my new Juno mattress. Been sleeping like a baby since day one. Quality, excellent service, best price on the market (did the research). Wonderful company. Order one!"

Sylvia S. Verified Juno Buyer

Val-des-Monts, QC
Juno Is Risk-Free

We know that it's a big ask to buy a mattress online without being able to try it first. But we also know that it can take weeks to adjust to a new mattress. And something that feels fine at first might become uncomfortable later.

With Juno you get 120 nights (that's 4 months!) to try the mattress at home.

If it's not right for you, no worries. We'll give your money back AND send the mattress to a local recycling facility. There’s nothing to lose!

Woman looking at the open shipping box of her Juno mattress

"I was nervous about ordering online, but the 120-night sleep trial put me at ease. Very comfortable, perfect firmness.

Kim L. Verified Juno Buyer

Kingston, ON
Juno Saves You Money!

Quality sleep doesn't have to be expensive.
For hundreds of dollars less than Douglas, you can get a Canadian-made Juno mattress with great cooling, comfort, and support.

Douglas Original:


for a queen


Save $300!

for a queen

"Bought another online mattress brand for double the price. Juno is more comfortable. Very happy with our purchase."

Gillian C. Verified Juno Buyer

Nelson, BC

Try Canada's Best Value Mattress Today!

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