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Juno vs IKEA

Which mattress is the better value? Shop Juno
Updated: October 18, 2023

Canada’s Award-Winning Value Mattress

The experts agree: Juno delivers the most value to Canadian sleepers.

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Looking for a Comfortable Mattress at a Low Price?

See how the Canadian-made Juno mattress stacks up to a comparable foam mattress from IKEA.

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IKEA Valevåg
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CertiPUR-US® Certified


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Prices apply to queen-size mattresses and matching accessories. May not reflect current promotions or discounts. Information accurate as of 09/01/2023. Juno prices reflect discounts applied with purchase of a mattress. *Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

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Sleepers Love Juno’s Incredible Value

Juno has over 5,000 reviews from Canadians who love their mattress.

Surpassed My Expectations

I love my Juno. I worried about the price having been burned before by IKEA budget mattresses. And I worried about sleeping on foam having had a poor opinion of them from over a decade ago.

The Juno has surpassed my expectations. It is a great price. [...] I fall asleep almost instantly. My back and hip pain are not as intense in the morning. Seriously satisfied with this purchase. Shipping took 3 days and set up was 2 minutes.

Joshua G. Verified Juno Buyer
Edmonton, AB
Like a hotel bed!

[Juno] is firm with a bit of give, so it feels soft without feeling your partner's or pet's movements much. When I'm near the edge, it doesn't feel like I'm going to fall off. I tend to move around in my sleep and there's never a position that I feel uncomfortable.

I used to sleep on a 10-year-old IKEA mattress which gave me lower-back pains: that's gone. I've been sleeping much better and I really hope it stays this way for the next few years.

Valeria P. Verified Juno Buyer
Montreal, QC

Bought for preteen after many years on a basic foam IKEA mattress, kid loves it! Sleeping sounder and longer!

Jennifer D. Verified Juno Buyer
Toronto, ON

Prior to getting our Juno mattress, my back was constantly in agony … Literally the first night's sleep on the Juno mattress and my back felt 1,000 times better.

Jordan W. Verified Juno Buyer
Gimli, MB

[Juno] was a great price and I think it might be more comfortable than my more expensive bed! Well worth it.

Sue S. Verified Juno Buyer
Richmond, BC

We bought [a Juno] for my daughter and I would say that our energetic 3-year-old is sleeping better and longer; absolute miracle.

Kristyn R. Verified Juno Buyer
Calgary, AB

I was very happy with the first [Juno] mattress I bought so I purchased a second one — it’s that comfortable.

George Z. Verified Juno Buyer
Woodbridge, ON

Almost one year later and I'm till loving my Juno bed. It hasn't lost its comfort and still feels brand new.

Cornelia H. Verified Juno Buyer
Delta, BC
1 / 5

5 Reasons Why Canadians Choose Juno over IKEA

Juno Is Proudly Made in Canada

Juno mattresses are made to order from our factories located across Canadian Maple Leaf Canada. We use high-quality, Canadian-made fabric and foam. IKEA does not disclose the country of origin on their website for the Matrand mattress (which is actually made in Mexico).

Woman smiling on Juno mattress with shipping box beside her

"I was happy to buy Canadian and would recommend [Juno] to anyone."

Hugo M. Verified Juno Buyer

Toronto, ON
Juno Sleeps Cool with Gel Foam

No one likes sleeping hot. The Juno mattress is made with cooling gel foam, which helps dissipate body heat so you can stay cool all night. IKEA Matrand is made with polyurethane memory foam, which can hug the body and trap body heat.

Want even more cooling? Juno is available with the Cool+ Cover Upgrade for an extra refreshing and comfortable sleep surface.

"Super comfy and the cooling is awesome for summer."

Emma B. Verified Juno Buyer

Edmonton, AB
Juno Has a Firmness That Feels Just Right

Juno is a medium-firm mattress. It gently cradles your shoulders, back, and hips. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you'll enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep.

Did you know? Juno is made for durable support, accommodating up to 500 lb total.

Woman sleeping on her side, with the layers of the Juno mattress showing

"The perfect amount of firmness but also softness!!"

Sharmayne O. Verified Juno Buyer

Prince George, BC
Juno Is CertiPUR-US® Certified. IKEA Is Not.

Every Juno mattress is made with Canadian foams that are deemed safe and durable by CertiPUR-US®. IKEA mattresses do not list an equivalent third-party-approved certification for material safety and quality.

And the warranty? Juno has a 15-year warranty, which is a whole 5 years longer than IKEA's.

Woman standing in front of a Juno mattress, looking at the delivery box

"Service, communication, quality of the product. Perfect."

Michelle L. Verified Juno Buyer

Toronto, ON
Juno Saves You Money!

Quality sleep doesn't have to be expensive. Not only does Juno have an incredible value price, it includes fast and free shipping in Canada.*
Unfortunately, IKEA mattresses have a shipping charge for home deliveries.

IKEA Matrand


for a queen


Save $100!

for a queen

Prices above have been taken from publicly available sources and are accurate as of November 23, 2022.
*Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

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