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Updated: May 8, 2024

8 Signs That You Should Replace Your Mattress: 2024 Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Robb Collins

Is Your Current Mattress Failing You? 

That is, does your mattress:

  • Sag or dip in the middle, every time you lay on it?
  • Have visible signs of wear?
  • Feel lumpy, no matter what position you’re in?
  • Constantly make noisy squeaks and creaks?

Moreover, are you regularly waking up:

  • With stiff or sore muscles?
  • A runny nose? Itchy skin? Asthma, allergies, or worse?
  • Drenched in sweat?
  • Because of any movement—whether your own or your sleep partner’s—keeps interrupting your sleep?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions … it’s probably time for a new mattress.

Reality Check: We Spend a LOT of Time in Bed

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, it’s critical to have a mattress that supports our ongoing health and happiness. 

After all, the quality of your sleep plays a vital role in your overall well-being: 

  • Better Sleep  –  A clinical study from 2009 found that new mattresses were found to enhance sleep quality, lessen back pain, and perceived stress among participants. Additionally, most new mattress owners reported better sleep quality after they bought a new mattress. 

All in all, that’s a whole lot of reasons to ditch your current mattress and buy a new one. 

Woman sleeping peacefully, covered in a Juno Down Alternative Duvet

Why Is Buying a Mattress so Stressful? 

You get it. A new mattress could be the way to a better quality of life. 

But if you’re like some people, you may still be hesitant to buy one – choosing instead to suffer every night on your deteriorating mattress. Why? Because the buying can be kind of overwhelming. They all look the same and who knows what’s inside?

There are lots of things to factor into your decision, including:

  • Money is tight! How do I get the best mattress for my money? What’s a reasonable amount you should budget for? And how do you know when you’re getting a good product for your hard-earned money? 
  • Figuring out which firmness type is best for you. Should you go soft, firm, or somewhere in between? Which option is best for supporting your body as you sleep? 
  • Understanding different materials and features. What are the key differences between various types of mattresses? And how do different materials and features play into overall comfort? Do I need all the bells and whistles to get a good nights sleep? 
  • Being able to properly test out your mattress. Lying on a mattress for two minutes in-store won’t provide a real sense of how it will affect your sleep. So how can you truly tell if you’ve found your dream mattress?
  • Knowing who to trust. Are online mattress retailers more likely to trick you than if you shop at a physical store? How can you know you won’t be “locked” into your purchase if you don’t want to keep it? 

That’s a lot of uncertainty associated with buying a new bed…

Take a deep breath. This guide’s got you. And we have answers to all your questions about buying a new mattress. And who knows – when you finish this guide, you may even be excited to start your shopping journey! 

How Do I Get the Best Mattress for the Money?

As you begin shopping, you’re going to see some mattresses priced between $200 and $10,000. Given such a wide range, how much should you budget for? And what’s a reasonable amount to pay? 

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom to help guide your decision:

  • Mattresses sold in-store are normally pricier, with room to negotiate. In-store mattresses are often more expensive than those sold online. At a physical store, you can negotiate with salespeople to get discounts, free shipping, and/or extra perks. That said, not everyone is comfortable with or good at haggling. 
  • Mattress-in-a-box (MIAB) retailers often sell mattresses at lower prices. With no physical stores or showrooms to pay for, online-only retailers don’t need to mark up their prices. That’s because their e-commerce business model eliminates expenses that would otherwise be reflected in the price tag. 
  • In-store mattresses are not necessarily of higher quality than online. Many MIABs feature high-quality materials, just like mattresses sold in brick-and-mortar stores. Many customers find the quality of their MIAB to be equal, if not superior. 
  • More expensive does not always mean better. A pricier mattress will likely be thicker and made of higher quality (even luxury) materials. But higher-end models are also packed with all kinds of features you may not want or even need. 
  • Lower prices do not always mean lower quality. As the saying goes, sometimes, you get what you pay for. However, it is possible to get outstanding value AND quality in a mattress. You just need to know where to look, and what to look for. (Keep reading to learn more!)

Juno Is Canada’s Best Value Mattress

Woman smiling and lying on her Juno mattress

Well-crafted mattresses. Prices that start at $399. And over 75,000 mattresses sold across Canada.

How can Juno be sold at such a low price? As an online-only retailer, there’s no need for physical locations or “middlemen.” Rather, Juno mattresses come straight from the factory directly to your door. As a result, customers experience significant savings. 

As for quality? Juno mattresses are exclusively made in Canada – using only top-notch materials sourced from local manufacturers. 

With Juno, you can be assured you’ll never miss out on serious mattress savings ever again.

Figuring Out Your Ideal Mattress Firmness

Depending on your sleep position, different levels of firmness can help provide a more comfortable, higher-quality slumber. So which type of firmness is best for providing the targeted support you need?

If you are a …Your mattress should …Look for this mattress firmnessWhat to avoid

Back sleeper
Help align your spine but also provide cushioned comfort to your shoulders, hips, and lower back.Medium-firm (like Juno!)Mattresses that are too soft, or that do not provide ample support.

Stomach sleeper
Provide hip support while keeping your spine in neutral alignment. Medium-firm to firmMattresses that may create excessive sinkage around your midsection.

Side sleeper
Include cushioning to ease stress and pressure on your shoulders and hips. Medium-soft to medium-firm Mattresses that are overly cushiony, as the gravitational pull can put additional strain on your spine.
Combination sleeper (i.e., you rotate positions through the night)Be versatile enough to support multiple sleep positions. Medium-firmMattresses that are too soft or too firm. Since you will be switching positions all night, you need something that will provide support no matter what.

A Perfect Firmness

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep every night with Juno – no matter your preferred sleeping position! 

The medium-firm Juno mattress is made of instantly adaptive memory foam, which provides an ideal blend of support and coziness. Conforming to your shape and size, Juno will gently cradle your shoulders while supporting your back and hips. Spinal alignment – check. Pressure point relief – check.

And don’t worry about “sinking” into your Juno memory foam mattress. Made from high-quality materials, the Juno has less “give” than softer beds. The result? A perfect balance of comfort AND stability.

Understanding Mattress Materials & Features 

Countless mattress types to choose from. Limitless bells and whistles to sift through. With so many options available, mattress shopping can be super intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Check out this high-level overview of some of the most popular materials and comfort-enhancing features:

InnerspringMemory FoamHybrid
How does the mattress feel when you lay on it?Bouncy coils will feel more like you’re sleeping “on” your innerspring mattress versus “in” it. Slowly contouring memory foam cradle, cushion, and envelope your bodyCushioned, but not as much “sinkage” vs. some memory foam mattresses. 
What specific areas of the body does the mattress target?The firmer surface helps align your spine. Especially beneficial for people who suffer from hip, back or joint pain. Provides targeted cushioning to areas that bear the most weight and pain. Helps realign neck, spine and hips while providing even weight distribution. Limited bounce-back when you switch positions. Provides enhanced joint and back support. 
Does it absorb sleep-disrupting movement?Somewhat. The coils have some give, which transfers motion from one side of the bed to the other. Yes. Memory foam absorbs noticeable motion transfer across the mattress. Yes. Thick foam comfort layers help mitigate motion transfer. 
Does it help regulate body temperature during sleep?Yes. Mattress materials create a breathable sleeping experience but often lack newer cooling technology. Yes. Some memory foam mattresses, like Juno, feature breathable, open-cell gel foam helps you to stay cool throughout the night.Yes. Because of its coil support system, hybrid mattresses sleep cooler than all-foam models. Many also include extra cooling technology.

Juno Comfort and Support a Satisfying Sleep

Starting at just $399, the Juno mattress has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The award-winning Juno memory foam mattress provides comfort, cooling, and support. You get two layers plus a knit cover – adding up to eight inches of high-quality foam

1- Cover: Juno Knit Cover

  • Soft, durable and finely knit
  • Made from polyester and viscose
  • Optional Cool+ cover upgrade available

2- Top Layer: 2” Full-Body Cooling Gel Foam

  • Gel-infused open-cell memory foam keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Cushioning gently contours to your body, helping eliminate pressure points 

3- Base Layer: 6” Total Support Foam

  • Provides added support for the hips and back
  • The responsive layer also helps prevent motion transfer – and keep movement contained

Properly Testing Your Mattress

It can take several weeks – sometimes even months – to adjust to a new mattress.

The traditional way of shopping for a mattress – that is, in a physical store – is still common. You get to see and feel the mattresses in person, which is a plus. But then there’s the awkwardness of laying on multiple mattresses in front of pushy salespeople and other customers. 

The good news? With the advent of MIAB retailers, you no longer need to go to a store to try out a mattress. Especially not with all the in-home trial periods that many retailers offer. These trials allow you to make an unrushed decision about whether your mattress truly meets your needs. 

Different companies offer different lengths of time to try out your mattress. Ultimately, the longer the trial period, the better for you.

Try Juno at Home for 120 Nights – Risk-Free 

Mattresses are meant to be tried out at home – in the privacy and comfort of your bedroom. That’s why Juno offers a convenient 120-night in-home trial period and a hassle-free return policy: 

  • Experience the full effect of sleeping on your Juno mattress for 30 nights.
  • After that initial break-in period, you still have a full 90 nights to decide if this mattress is right for you. 
  • Want to return it? Juno will arrange pick-up at no charge and fully refund your purchase. 

120-Night Trial

15-Year Warranty

Free Shipping & Returns

Made in Canada

*Shipping fees may apply for some remote locations.

Finding a Mattress Retailer You Can Trust

From unpredictable price fluctuations to dubious sales techniques and more, mattress shopping can sometimes feel like a gamble. The last thing you want is to be tricked into buying something that doesn’t fit your criteria or budget.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize that risk while maximizing your chances of scoring the perfect sleep solution.  

  • See what others are saying. Before buying a mattress, take time to research the retailer and/or brand in question. Look at industry achievements, awards received, and of course customer reviews and feedback. All these factors will help you determine which mattress best suits your needs and budget. 
  • Check for generous policies. Trustworthy brands will provide a top-notch customer experience – not just pre-sale, but for years post-purchase. That may include lengthy in-home trials, as already mentioned. Also look for things like free shipping, hassle-free returns, full and fast refunds, and generous warranties

Ultimately, taking these extra steps means you can confidently make an informed decision without compromising your budget or peace of mind.

The Multi-Award-Winning Juno Mattress 

Since 2019, Juno has earned thousands of rave reviews and multiple awards from experts and customers alike. And we’ve worked hard to earn every single one. 

How? By continuously offering high-quality mattresses, superior comfort, free shipping and returns, a 120-night trial period, and a lengthy 15-year warranty – all at an unbeatable price. 

Choose More, for Less

Easy to choose, and even easier to try. The Juno delivers to your door in a surprisingly small box, 100% risk-free.

Perfect Firmness & Support

A balanced firmness that provides comfort and support for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Stay Cool All Night

Breathable, open-cell gel foam helps you to stay cool throughout the night.

Juno LogoTrustpilot LogoBBB A+ LogoGoogle Badge
4.7 Overall Product Rating
5,000+ Reviews
4.9 Overall Company Rating
4.8 (A+) Overall Company Rating*
BBB Accredited
Google Trusted Store
4.6 Overall Company Rating
2,000+ Reviews

*BBB rating is for, which owns the Juno brand.

Get Your Best Sleep

Congratulations! You now have all the know-how to ensure a stress-free mattress-buying experience

You have figured out your budget. You also understand which firmness level is best for your sleep position. You’ve learned how popular mattress types and features provide comfort. You’re aware of how different retailers operate. And finally, you know how to ensure your customer experience is an amazing one.

All in all, you can now begin mattress shopping with the utmost confidence!

To help you get started, why not look at a Juno? With 5,000+ positive customer reviews and multiple awards lauding its comfort and support, Juno just may be your perfect mattress. Moreover, with a stress-free price tag and a 120-night in-home trial period, you really can’t go wrong by trying it out. 

The Juno is available in seven sizes (including Split-King) PLUS three customized RV sizes. Learn more about this popularly affordable medium-firm memory foam mattress today – your body, brain, and budget will thank you!

120-Night Trial

15-Year Warranty

Free Shipping & Returns

Made in Canada

*Shipping fees may apply for some remote locations.

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