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Our Price Promise

Radically Low Prices. Every. Single. Day.

It’s simple. Our mattress prices stay the same every day of the year. There’s no haggling, coupon-hunting, or flash sales. Just amazing sleep at an honest, reliable price.

At Juno, every customer wins!

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Incredible Value

The Juno business model saves you money. How? By skipping retail store markups and selling directly to you. That’s how we sell high-quality, Canadian-made mattresses for such low prices.


365-Day Pricing

Why wait for the next big sale when you can have the perfect mattress now? Our Price Promise means you never have to watch, wait, or hesitate. You can buy your Juno mattress today—because our prices are incredible all year round.

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Hassle-Free Shopping

Stop looking for coupon codes. Don’t worry about your negotiation strategy. There’s no need to scour the Internet for deals. With our Price Promise, you’re free to focus on what matters: finding your dream mattress.

Honest, Transparent Pricing

How We Do It

We believe that every Canadian deserves a great mattress at a fair and honest price. Our well-crafted mattresses go straight from the factory floor to your door.

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