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Sleep Country Canada

Before you drive to the store, read this mattress shopping guide. It could save you time and money! ↓ Keep Reading ↓

Finally, a Better Way to Save on Sleep

Juno: Canada’s Best Value Mattress

Canadian Mattresses Starting at $399

It used to be that the only place you could to buy a mattress was a retail store. Historically, mattresses have also had some of the highest markups of any consumer product. (Source)

At Juno, we believe that a great sleep shouldn't cost thousands of dollars. Here's why we're worth trying:

Hassle-Free, Online Shopping: No high-pressure tactics, coupon-hunting, or haggling.
Honest, Transparent Pricing: No need to worry if you're getting the best price. We ALWAYS offer the lowest possible price all year long.
Real Value: Our Canadian-made mattresses are delivered right to your door. No middleman, no markups.

Woman sitting on Juno mattress, looking at the delivery box

Canadians Love to Sleep on Juno

4.7 / 5
Trustpilot overall rating - "Excellent"

5,000+ 5-star reviews

Better Business Bureau

Top Pick: Canada’s Best Value Mattress

Official Selection: Best Canadian Mattress Brands

Limited Time Only!

Buy a mattress and get*
  • Free Comfort Sleep Bundle
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Premium Pillows

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All This and MORE!
  • 60% Off Cooling Gel Pillows
  • 15% Off All Accessories
  • 120-Night Sleep trial
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*Items Vary by Size. Terms Apply

Top 6 Reasons to Try Juno over Sleep Country

Juno Is an Unbeatable Value

Shopping with Juno saves you money in so many ways. Juno mattresses start at just $399 and are available in standard and RV sizes.

Every Juno mattress purchase comes with:*

A FREE Waterproof Mattress Protector
15% OFF all accessories – including sheets, pillows, duvets, and bed frames.

Sleep Country does have occasional mattress and bedding sales. But they don't give you a free mattress protector and site-wide discounts like Juno does all year long.

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Juno mattress with Canadian Living - Best Value Mattress 2022 award

*While supplies last. Terms Apply.

"Affordable and a terrific mattress. Much better for value than what you'd get from Sleep Country."

Abdul F. Verified Juno Buyer

London, ON
Juno Mattress Owners Sleep Great

Juno has everything you need for a better sleep, and nothing you don't. We skipped all the pricey extras (fancy box, glossy brochures, TV advertising) and invested it all in a quality mattress.

We know what you actually care about is cooling, comfort, and support. Based on survey results,* that's EXACTLY what customers love about their Juno:

9 out of 10 say that Juno is more or a lot more comfortable than their old mattress.

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*Survey of Juno mattress owners conducted in December 2022.

"I find it very comfortable, and it’s definitely 10 times better than the $1,200 mattress that I bought from Sleep Country."

Lorne L. Verified Douglas Buyer

Chilliwack, BC
Juno Is So Convenient

Do you really want to spend your free time driving to and from a mattress store?

Order a Juno mattress online and it'll be delivered to your home in just a few days. You can even sleep on it on the same day you unbox it! AND, it's risk-free. (More on that below.)

Sure, Sleep Country lets you try out their mattresses in person. (Even sleeping on a sofa for 10 minutes feels fine!) But that doesn't mean you'll feel great the next morning, let alone every morning after for the rest of the year.

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"Before I made my purchase I went to a Sleep Country store and tried out tons of mattresses from all different price points. I can honestly say that the Juno mattress feels just as good as some of the mattresses with $1,000+ price tags."

Brandon C. Verified Juno Buyer

Pickering, ON
Juno Is Risk-Free Shopping

It can take weeks to adjust to a new mattress. Something that feels okay at first might hurt your back later.

Juno give you 120 nights (that's 4 months!) to try the mattress at home. If it's not right for you, no worries. We'll give your money back AND send the mattress to a local recycling facility or charity/community organization. There’s nothing to lose!

NOTE: Sleep Country does NOT offer money-back returns on their opened mattresses.* You can ONLY exchange it ONCE for another Sleep Country mattress, and pay a $65 Exchange Fee + any difference in price.

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Woman looking at the open delivery box for Juno mattress

*Exchanges and Returns Policy sourced from the Sleep Country website, observed October 31st, 2023.

"I was nervous about ordering online, but the 120-night sleep trial put me at ease. Very comfortable, perfect firmness. The best part is that I no longer wake up when my partner is tossing and turning! Great motion isolation!"

Kim L. Verified Juno Buyer

Kingston, ON
Juno Is Proudly Made in Canada

Juno is an independent, Canadian-owned company. Our mattresses are made in factories located across Canada. And we only use high-quality, Canadian-made fabric and foam.

FUN FACT: Juno was specially designed to be "medium-firm." That's because it has a nice balance of comfort and support, and Canadian sleepers prefer firmer mattresses than Americans sleepers. (Source)

On the other hand, many affordable mattresses from Sleep Country, like Bloom, are made in China.*

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Woman lying on Juno mattress with shipping box in the background

*According to Bloom mattresses country-of-origin information on Sleep Country website, observed June 16, 2023.

"This is the second Juno mattress I’ve purchased. Comfortable, affordable, and made in Canada. Love this product."

Tracey L. Verified Juno Buyer

Whitby, ON
Consumer Trust Agencies Love Juno, Too

Many businesses have tons of positive reviews. But it’s a better sign when customers leave positive reviews on websites that the business doesn’t control or pay for.

Juno has earned the highest possible accreditations on both Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau, two independent consumer trust agencies that track company reviews and complaints.

As for Sleep Country? They have HUNDREDS of customer complaints and 1-star reviews on the Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau websites.

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"Just love my new Juno mattress. Been sleeping like a baby since day one. Quality, excellent service, best price on the market (did the research). Wonderful company. Order one!"

Sylvia S. Verified Juno Buyer

Val-des-Monts, QC
More Than 85,000 Canadians Sleep on a Juno
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Proudly Made in Canada

Proudly Made

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Free Shipping & Returns*

Free Shipping

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15-Year Warranty



*Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

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